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As seen on Pinterest, Jason will show you how to make magical floating shelves with no strings attached..ha! Learn how to cut, assembly, and even how to hang your DIY Floating shelf. If you are lucky, you may even learn how this magic and Impress your friends!!

Doing it with Jason

Here is a DIY adjustable height Desk with a diy Hand crank mechanism style thingy I made. This is a drafting table that i recently made for a customer. I hope you enjoy it!
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Ever wanted to know how to print on wood and transfer photos to wood? Well Lets Learn how to transfer a photo to wood!!
In this super fun and easy Doing it with jason DIY, i will show you how to do it yourself all with just an inkjet printer. Hold onto your hats cause this is sure to blow you away. With this wood transfer tutorial you can print words, photographs, you name it.
spray coat -
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Here are a few of my Favorite VIDEOS!

In this hack episode, we show you how to cut a Glass wine Bottle into two pieces at your home. With 3 easy ways to do it using a screwdriver, a glass cutter, and a diamond ring. Using any 3 of these items will score the glass and focus the area to be cut. Be sure to score the bottle all the way around. Then water up that bottle and Presto, 2 pieces!
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